Esme Adjei Drops Hottest Gospel Hit

By: Ampem Gyeke- Darko & Ernest Adu
Esme Adjei Aferibea, the young, dynamic and talented female Ghanaian Gospel singer with a euphonious voice has done it again, this time with her new hit song titled, ‘’ Nyame aye awie,’’ which literally means ‘God has accomplished it.’’

Although very young with her age, Esme; popularly known as Line Lisa has demonstrated to the world and to the music-loving-people that, talent is no respecter of age, size, height, colour or affiliation.

Line Lisa doing what she loves doing best…

The 22 year old talented Esme was born to Mr. Elvis Otuo Kofi and Madam Emelia Tsotsoo (both Ghanaians) on May 1, 1996 in Accra where her mother (Madam Emelia) comes from. She is the second of three children.

Accordin Miss Aferibea, “I received my singing calling at a very tender age when I started doing solo at church services. “It is my desire to sing and especially to praise God Almighty in music.”

She has three successful albums to her credit, with her latest album dubbed Nyame aye awie that has in recent times hijacked most Ghanaian airwaves.

She is an elite and has an enviable educational experience.

In spite of her nervousness in private life, Line Lisa is always able to fittingly entertain her fans when she goes on stage to perform. She has a lot of Facebook fans and many followers on new media (Social Media).

Her management team tells that, “It is marvelous how the Lord is doing great things through Lisa’s song ministration.

“Sometimes we are surprise how her songs trend on airwaves and various social media platforms.”

Esme, a.k.a Line Lisa has done most of stage works in Italy, France and some other countries in the Europe.

The team went on to reveal that, “we are almost done with $ 85,000000 deal with one music production firm. “ And if it goes through successfully it will mean that copy right for our latest album ‘Nyame aye awie’ is sold out-and-out for business.”

The offer, they said came moments after album launch in the last quarter of 2018.

A straight dress design by Lisa

Lisa is not only a songstress but a multi-talented young champ. She is also into fashion designing and does unisex designs.

According to the hardworking young songstress, most of her fashion designs are sold Africans in the diaspora and even are patronized by some Europeans.

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