Krobos Observe Clean-up Exercise to Herald Kloyosikplemi Festival

By: Krobea Asante & Ampem Gyeke-Darko

As mostly rains are heralded by clouds, thunder and lightning, the ‘Kloyosikplemi’ Feast, celebrated by the people of Yilo Krobo, shall be preceded by a general clean up exercise as it has usually been observed.

The first phase of the clean-up exercise took place yesterday, Thursday, November 1, 2018, at the ‘Foot of the Mountain’, where a mini durbar will be held just as every year, by the traditional authorities on November 23, 2018.

The turnout for the communal sanitation exercise was overwhelming as the youth and all partook massively in an ecstasy.

According to the traditional authority, yesterday’s ground works was to usher this year’s Kloyosikplemi festivities unto that hands of the Almighty God, gods of the Kroboland, and their great ancestors.

They also asked for the blessings of God, their gods and ancestors to see them through the up and coming event.

The festival will be marked within a period of one month, from November 3 to November 25 and it is officially partnered by Starr Television, Daily News Africa Online ( and Eastern FM.

Festival Planning Committee has debunked suppositions of any ban on the festival and has asked sons, daughters and friends of Yilo Krobo to disregard any such information. They however assured that; peace, unity, jubilation, cultural display, socialization among others shall be the other of this year’s Kloyosikplemi.

Apart from this clean up, Saturday 3rd November will also hold the mega clean up in all principal streets.

Various youth at the clean up exercise, cleared everywhere off filth

We spoke to some participants of the yesterday’s exercise, they hoped that, those who could not join the cleaning at the mountain top and mini durbar grounds would avail themselves during Saturday’s exercise which is expecting almost the whole nation.

Starr TV is poised to follow up and give you total report reports and updates from the Kloyosikplemi festival in Somanya this year.

The people of Yilo Krobo traditional area celebrate Kloyosikplemi to remember the forceful eviction of their ancestors from the mountain top in 1892 by the British colony when they fired a ballistic missile to kill hundreds of people who lived at the time.

According to history, Kloyosikplemi festival came to been a one hundred years after this tragic incident that took lives of pregnant mothers and children.

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