Assaults on Gays and Lesbians Unhealthy -AbdulWahab Cautions Muslim Groups

By: Ampem Gyeke-Darko

Former Student President for Commonwealth Hall of Ghana’s Premium University, University of Ghana and iEco7 Foundation, Abdul Wahab has called on Muslim youth to refrain from acts of stigmatizing against gays and lesbians in their communities.

Mr. Abdul Wahab was one of the few students, who were invited to join the action Movement for different voices to be heard at the latest edition of the Greifswald International Students Festival (GrIStuF) in Germany on 15th until the 23rd of June, 2018

Mr. Abdulai , who was very instrumental at the event in voicing out on the future of Gender Equality in Ghana with emphasis on LGBTQI addressed several issues on religious faiths and political intolerance which are some  major issues affecting the voices of LGBT.

At the event, he made personal references to himself as a member of the Muslim belief and an activist who stands for the rights of everyone regardless of gender or trait is sometimes criticized.

He said , ‘’ It is unreasonable and very barbaric to kill gays and lesbians because of their sexual orientation as in the same way it is unreasonable to discriminate against blacks’’. I will denounce any religion that discriminates. “

I see no reason for being bias towards any group. My grandfather is a Muslim leader who discriminates and I will never tolerate any form of association with people of such behavior.”

He used the occasion to call on all stakeholders especially the various religious leaders to allow open forums for proper inputs on the topic and to allow various voices to be heard and see the proper way to handle such matters. In his view, he saw that as a Fundamental issue of rights of people which is being curtailed.

GriStuF 2018 was a unique event in tackling inequalities of all kinds with the theme, “Beyond Borders, Where Lies Your Limits.”

 It was made of about 150 Students and youth from across the globe to share their diversities and some of the stigma they face as individuals. It was an avenue to extend to state government and other stakeholders on the challenges that some of these stigmas are causing individuals and how it can be ameliorated.

The event saw different groups of people who were put into different workshops like LGBT, Music Group, Religion, Terrorism and Race. It has been a regular culture for the people of the city of Greifswald to organize this event every year.

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